Our offer to investors

Due to the versatility of our company, we are ready to offer our investors 5 highly balanced tariff plans that will allow you to start investing with the lowest possible 10$!

All our tariff plans differ in validity period, profitability, minimum and maximum amount of investment, as well as the investment direction.

By investing in our company, each investor can be 100% sure that we are steering his funds towards the development of a real product, which will gain profit in 24 hours!

Below you can familiarize yourself with all the current tariff plans of our company.

Our Rates

We tried to choose the optimal tariff plans that meet the needs and requirements of our customers. The financial risk of each of the rates below is minimized and insured by its own hedge fund!

1 Builder
4 % in a day
30 days
  • Deposit included
    in payments
  • Payment type manual 24 hours
  • Min and max deposit 10$ - 300$
2 Head of team
coming soon
3 Foreman
coming soon
4 Developer
coming soon
coming soon
Investment amount
Profit for the period
Profit per month
Investment Insurance

We perfectly understand our investors, who have already been burned more than once and lost their hard-earned money. We have foreseen all possible situation development options, even the most unlikely ones, such as force majeure. Our customers do not worry about the absolute safety of their funds. Each our client`s invested sum is insured for up to $10,000 and the main deposit of the client is fully compensated in case of an insurance event, as well as all relevant interest until the day the insurance event occurs.

Referral Program

As a part of the the Construction World LTD. project activities expansion, we invite all our customers to participate in the Referral program of our project, which implies the profit accrual for inviting users to the project up to the 3d level.

1 level 5 %
2 level 3 %
3 level 1 %
01 1 stage

Sign up on our official website

02 2 stage

Get your referral link in your account

03 3 stage

Share the link on your social networks

04 4 stage

Get extra money for attracted users!