About us Construction World LTD

Construction World LTD. is the largest developer with a project portfolio with more than 3 million m2 total area in Western Europe, Canada, USA, China and Hong Kong. Our company is in the TOP 10 of global developers in international construction volume terms, and it took the 7th place in the World ranking in terms of commercial real estate commissioning at the end of 2019.

To date, more than 100 projects are in various stages of implementation, including social infrastructure facilities, residential and non-residential premises, prefabricated structures and others.

In 2020, our company was assigned a credit rating of BBB + , that indicates a high level of our company financial reliability. In this regard, in 2020, in the framework of financing the large-scale globalization of our activities, we invite private investors from all over the world!

  • New technologies
  • Payout guarantee
  • Investments

In order to start investing in real estate, you no longer need to have a large bundle of money in your pocket. With Construction World LTD. you can do it with only 10$!

Our Rates

We tried to choose the optimal tariff plans that meet the needs and requirements of our customers. The financial risk of each of the rates below is minimized and insured by its own hedge fund!

1 Builder
4 % in a day
30 days
  • Deposit included
    in payments
  • Payment type manual 24 hours
  • Min and max deposit 10$ - 300$
2 Head of team
coming soon
3 Foreman
coming soon
4 Developer
coming soon
coming soon
Investment amount
Profit for the period
Profit per month
Our Advantages

In the real estate market, our company has a reputation as a conscientious developer who builds all its projects strictly within the stated time frame, and in addition, has:

01 Production Line

We posess our own production line of building materials to maximize margins.

02 Quality Assurance

A guarantee on our facilities is 15 years!

03 Deadlines

And here we are speaking not only about the construction terms, but also about the timing of interest payments

04 Operative Withdrawal

We try to process payments of our customers as soon as possible!

05 Flexible Rates

We tried to find the best tariff offers for our investors.

06 24/7 Technical Support

Our managers are ready to answer all your questions in the 24/7/365 mode!

Referral Program

As part of the Construction World LTD. project activity expansion, we invite all our customers to participate in the Referral Program, which implies the profit accrual for inviting users to the project up to level 3!

5% 1 level

For personally invited users – the 1st level 5%

3% 2 level

For the second level referrals– the 2nd level 3%

1% 3 level

For the third level referrals – the 3d level 1%