About Construction World LTD

Construction World LTD is an internationally recognized residential and commercial real estate developer, with assets of more than 3 million m2 of successfully sold spaces in every corner of our globe. Many years of experience, innovative technologies, attention to trends and custom care are the components of measured in numbers success!

Only in the 4th quarter, 2019, the total value of the real estate market in European countries increased by 10%, in the United States by 5%, in Asian countries by 12%!

In our work, we focus on the wishes of our clients. Precisely because of this, most of our company projects had a stunning 1200% growth from the moment the first brick was laid until the project is approved and accepted by the customer.

In 2020, we decided to expand the geography of our activities. In the 2nd quarter, 2020 we`ll begin the development of more than 600 thousand m2 of residential and commercial real estate.

Due to this fact, Construction World LTD. welcomes not only large venture investment funds, but also private investors!

Thanks to the convenient website functionality, our customers have the opportunity to choose the most attractive investment object with daily accrual of profits and impressive predictable returns!

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Road map
1 The 1st quarter, 2020
Existing company assets scaling

For the first quarter of 2020, our company successfully carried out all technical studies in the places of construction work and launched a new channel for attracting borrowed funds through an online platform.

2 The 2nd quarter, 2020
600 m2 increase in built-up area

Until mid-2020, the specialists of our company plan a large-scale development of territories for the construction of social infrastructure, residential, commercial real estate, as well as the construction of prefabricated structures.

3 The 3d quarter, 2021
Own ICO project launching

It's no secret that the future belongs to cryptocurrencies, and additional investments attracting is a very important factor in the developer`s successful work, that`s why the access to the ICO will be the next milestone of our development.

4 The 4th quarter, 2021
Project automatization

After entering the ICO, our company plans to raise an additional $3 billion to develop its activities, the first step will be the gradual automation of processes, such as: Concrete pouring, finishing work, design and others.

Our goals

More than 10 years of our company’s existence we have always been doing everything for PEOPLE! The center of our concept is a human. Our client has always been and remains the ultimate beneficiary of our projects- whether he is a buyer or tenant of our property, or our investor.

Today the main goals of our company are:

Be always in touch with the client. 24/7 of the client`s communication with our company

High profitability. The client should receive the most profitable investment offers.

Reliable data protection. Client data is not disclosed to 3d persons.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the real estate investment market accessible to everyone! To date, not everyone has an extra $10,000 to buy property at the excavation stage for subsequent resale. Construction World LTD. has built its work scheme so that you can start to multiply your funds with only $10!

Find out the re-distribution of all the funds included in our company below:

Construction activity
Infrastructure activity
Management Services
Free cash flow
Are investments in real estate in 2020 profitable?

Due to the fact that our company creation goal was profit gaining, not a charity fund, even at the planning stage of the developing or starting a new project, our company specialists have calculated all possible development options both favorable and negative. The scheme of our company’s work is structured in such a way that, our projects are 99.9% likely to be profitable despite the economic situation, demand and market conditions.

In addition, we also insure our investments in highly specialized hedge funds so that our investors are 100% sure of their funds safety!

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